Swimming Training Aids

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Swimming Training Aids

If you're thinking of taking your swimming to the next level, swim training aids are just the ticket. Most people start with a pullbuoy to raise your hips in the water to the right position. To improve your whole body's fitness and lower body strength, try fins. These will increase kick resistance but improve speed. For just working on the lower body try the kickboard.

If you want to build your upper body strength, have a go with hand paddles, these will increase your hand surface area and therefore resistance. You could use the hand paddles in conjunction with the pullbuoy for maximum effect. Wanting to work on your swimming technique? why not try a fins, snorkel & hand paddles trio.

Training Aids Uses

  • PULLBUOY - Great for beginners to elite athletes to improve body position
  • SPRINTBOARD/KICKBOARD - For work on lower body strength and technique
  • HAND PADDLES - Perfect for improving upper body strength and front end technique
  • SWIMMING FINS - Help you build lower body strength and overall technique and assist with front end drills
  • CENTER SNORKEL - Focus on your swimming technique without having to worry about breathing
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