Bike Servicing

5 Point Check

Safety & Running Check5 POINT CHECK

Visual check over of bicycle and deliver a report on the state of the bicycle.

Free 4-6 Week Check-up

Safety & Running Check FREE 4-6 WEEK CHECK-UP

After riding your new bike for around 4-6 weeks (bedding in period), bring your bike in so that we can check the bike over and sort out any problems if any arise.


Safety & Running Check CHECK-UP

Basic safety check and set up to ensure bicycle is safe for the public highway. Including checking and adjusting; frame, fork, wheels, tyres, headset, gears and brakes.

Adult bike | £30
Childs Bike | £20
Silver Service

Safety & Running CheckSILVER SERVICE

Thorough service recommended twice a year on bikes that are used regularly. Also perfect for a bike that has been left idle for a long period of time.

Adult bike | £60
Childs Bike | £40
Premium Service

Safety & Running Check PREMIUM SERVICE

Includes silver but basically is a complete strip down and rebuild of the bicycle.

Adult bike | £100
Childs Bike | £70
Minor Repairs

Safety & Running Check MINOR REPAIRS

We donít have a limit as to how small a repair may be. Minute details can often be the difference between enjoying a ride and not, as cyclists we understand this and make sure that whenever a service or repair is carried out it is done with the utmost care and professionalism.


Safety & Running Check REPAIRS

Perhaps your gears are not shifting smoothly, the bottom bracket is creaking or maybe the wheel bearings are rough on your bicycle. With our fully equipped workshop we can get your bike running like new again. Before we start any work and to give the customer an accurate quote we assess the job first and feed information back to the customer so that all parties are happy with proposed work to be carried out.

Upgrade or upcycle

Safety & Running Check UPGRADE OR UPCYCLE

Sometimes the attachment to a particular bike is too strong, so completely replacing your pride and joy may be too much to bear. Upgrading parts can be a fantastic way to breathe life back into an old favourite; wheels, bars or possibly brakes. We can advise you on which parts to switch to 'upcycle your cycle' and more all done in-house by our bike tech guys.

Book Your Bike In

Safety & Running Check BOOK YOUR BIKE IN

Using the form, choose a time that suits you and give a brief description of what you require. We will then email you back to confirm the booking

Book Your Bike For A Service

Fill in the form below with your details and when you would like to have your bike serviced. We will email or call you back to confirm the date and time. We usualy respond very quickly but we are limited to office hours.

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