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Cyclo-Cross Bikes

If you haven't looked out of the window recently or perhaps been outside then you may need reminding that the nights are drawing in and Autumn is just around the corner. Don't despair at this impeding doom though as there is a discipline which keeps the fun of cycling alive through the Autumn and winter months! It's called Cyclo-Cross. Here in the South West we have a thriving scene, with 12 events confirmed from early September to January nearly half of which are in Cornwall. So what on earth is Cyclo-Cross I hear you cry, well it is the riding of a ruggedised road bike with drop handlebars and knobbly tyres off road. Cyclo-Cross racing is arguably one the most spectator friendly forms of cycle sport out there with short and compact courses giving supporters a great view of the action. Races are mass start, typically in this region around the grounds of private schools and parkland but always off road on a range of terrains. The racing is often close and wherever you are on the course you more often than not will be riding with someone which always makes things exciting. Courses are not technical or dangerous like Mountain Biking but being a winter sport the challenge comes when the ground gets wet and slippery.

Any bike can be used in the South West Cyclo-Cross league including Mountain Bikes so don't worry if you don't have a Cyclo-Cross specific bike. Short bursts of running are to be expected in the typical CX course where steep banks and other obstacles will need to be negotiated. It is the perfect winter keep fit activity for triathletes, runners & cyclists alike. There are so many benefits to taking part in this extremely accessible discipline the main one being that it is extremely good fun and leaves you wanting more! So if you want to be a part of a welcoming, family orientated race scene check out the link below and see what it's all about for yourself. Full details of the league can be found here. We have Aluminium & Carbon Fibre Cyclo-Cross bikes and essential kit available here at the Triathlonstore plus CX fan and race regular Martin who will be happy to chat and answer any questions you have regarding equipment choices or anything else which you are pondering!