The Italian tyre and inner tube specialists have been producing tyres for more than 60 years which are regarded as the most flexible and grippy in production today. The suppleness is due to the high threads per inch content in their tyres compared to other manufacturers. Despite having a long and illustrious history in bicycle tyres Vittoria continuously look for advancements in technology. Graphene the world’s thinnest material has been added to a number of road and mountain bike tyres in the vittoria range. This wonder material has led to great improvements in all the key areas of tyre performance, look out for the G+ logo.
The road tyre range consists of Zaffiro, Corsa and Rubino in a number of different models to suit the terrain and usage. Vittoria are not only leaders in the road market but also in the world of mountain biking with a number of international riders such as Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (2015 World XC Champion) utilising the Vittoria MTB range. Tyres with of the versatility of the Barzo, Mezcal, Morsa , Saguaro and Aka allow riders to be catered for whatever the conditions.