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hoka one one

Hoka One One has focused on designing a softer density and greater rebounding foam to produce a higher standard of training shoe than is currently available on the market. From the casual joggers to the top athletes, Hoka One One caters for all levels of runner, keeping feet and knees protected. Check out this review from one of our product testers.

"Not the comic performer! When I first saw other runners donning their garish Hoka One One I’d often chuckle to myself and wonder why would someone wear those that resembled a pair of clown shoes – oh how I was so wrong! Since I got my new Hoka One One about a month ago, I've logged just over 50 miles and even though that doesn’t sound a lot my Hoka’s have been put through some serious Dartmoor and Cornish North Coast trail tests. Lately I’ve seen some great runners wearing Hoka (Arc winner) and swallowed by pre-judgment and decided to try a pair. I was after a trail shoe and the guys suggested the Speedgoat. I ran on the shop treadmill for just under 7 minutes, swaying and mimicking path running and to my amazement they instantly felt great, even with my orthotic insoles.

At first I thought the cushion wouldn't be responsive enough for my taste but it actually feels pretty good once you get used to it. I thought the rocker would feel weird and clumsy but it only does the opposite and enhances the running experience and prevents that heal strike when running down hill. If you've never run in shoes this cushioned, then at first it will feel like you're running with pillows on your feet, but that soon disappears. I was surprised at how light they were as the images make them look so heavy. I like the high sides, which seem to be the Hoka style, making you feel like you have some added protection and stability to prevent ankle roll I guess (don’t quote me on that, its just a feeling). The grip is awesome and oozes confidence. On the Speedgoats I wish the tongue was a bit more padded.

Overall, I'm happy with my first pair of Hoka and I know it won’t be long until I convert other family members to this brand. Lesson learnt, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, go buy a pair of Hoka! "